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Since we are a local company, Iwatch Security understands just how vital it is for you to feel that your home is protected. This feeling comes from much more than just putting up some alarms and cameras. It comes from knowing that your security team is there with you, day or night, rain or shine. As we are located in Wake Forest, we are members of the local community. This means that not only will we treat all of our customers with the individual care and attention that many of our competitors lack, but also, your purchase is supporting your local community businesses. We offer multiple security services in Wake Forest, North Carolina, but two of the most common are Security Systems and Alarm Systems:

Wake Forest Security Systems

Our security systems in Wake Forest are made up of a variety of overlapping systems that guarantee the maximum protection for your home, allowing you the peace of mind that comes with security. From basic security equipment to voice-activated and deactivated alarms to CCTV cameras, we strive every day to offer our Wake Forest customers the very best security services and guarantee the safety and security of their property. A few of these services include:

  • Camera systems
  • Remote Video Viewing
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Qolsys, 2gig, and GE/UTC Security Systems

We believe that maintaining this relationship with our clients is the first and most often overlooked step to maintaining their home security. Therefore, we will come to your home if you want. Alternatively, we offer a unique in-home consultation via FaceTime or Skype. In both of these situations, we work with you to create a unique security solution that considers your priorities and budget.

Wake Forest Alarm Systems

Iwatch Security Commercial Installation and MaintenanceAt Iwatch security, we know that any alarm system is useless if it doesn’t alert anyone to any breaches in security in the first place. With our Wake Forest Alarm Systems, if an intruder is detected by your security system, both you and the authorities will be rapidly notified. This means that you, your family, and your property will quickly be rescued by the authorities regardless of the cause of the alarm.

Iwatch Security believes that the best alarm systems come about when we have the opportunity to build a relationship with our customer and understand their needs and budget. Therefore, we will consult with you to implement the best alarm technology for your situation and budget to help you and your family stay safe. Our Wake Forest Alarm System offerings include two-way voice monitoring, duress words, panel protection monitoring, and hostage codes. We provide more security and value by leveraging these technologies, usually in a more cost-effective way.

Choose Iwatch Security For Your Wake Forest Home Security and Alarm System

At Iwatch security, 95% of the clients with whom we meet choose us instead of the competition to install their alarm and security systems in Wake Forest. If you wish to have your home security done by the best Wake Forest security company, contact us today to request a free quote or call us by clicking the button below.

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